Sex Lies and Video Evidence. Catching Cheating Spouses in Parramatta

Sex Lies and Video Evidence. Catching Cheating Spouses in Parramatta

Catching cheating spouses in Parramatta has become a whole lot easier with the use of high quality devices that capture video footage, ranging from spy cameras, spy pens, or simply using a smartphone with a good quality camera.

Many people don’t expect that their partner would be cheating on them but when they discover that they may be, the best thing to do is to act quickly to obtain evidence which will confirm their suspicions to give them the upper hand.  Armed with that evidence you can confront your partner with the evidence which they will be unable to deny.

Choose the Right Spy Camera

Choosing a spy camera with the right qualities is extremely important.  The essential qualities of a spy camera are:

● HD Quality
● Records Video and Audio
● Connects to a PC or laptop
● Time and Date Stamping
● Large Capacity – 32gb

Get the Right Advice

You should firstly buy your spy camera from a reputable supplier who are experienced in their field.  Private Investigators use spy cameras every day and so are the best people to advise on which spy camera will get you the results you need.  Private Investigators use spy cameras to catch cheating spouses across Sydney.  Be aware of importers from China who offer no support and often the instructions are written in Chinese or terrible English with no hope of understanding them.  Calling them first for their advice could save you hundreds of dollars if you make the wrong decision.

The Right Spy Camera for the Right Job

Choosing the right spy camera for the situation is also important.  A spy camera needs to blend into the environment so that it won’t be detected.  Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes.  For example some spy cameras are built into everyday devices such as coffee cups, caps, phone chargers, powerbanks and pens. sells a full range of some of these devices.

Get it Fast

Once you’ve decided on your spy camera buying online is by far the easiest solution.  Choose a retailer that will send it to you discreetly or even send it to your nearest post office for collection.  Chinese suppliers often take weeks for delivery and by that stage you may have missed your opportunity to gather the evidence you need.  Buying from an Australian supplier such as will ensure delivery times in about 48 hours so you can get started as soon as possible.

The Right Price

Buying from China at a fraction of the cost carries with it the risk of the item going missing, not working or breaking very quickly.  It’s virtually impossible to call a Chinese supplier to resolve an issue.  The money you save may not be worth the headache.  Dealing with an Australian supplier is by far the easiest solution.  The price may be slightly higher but the peace of mind and support is well worth it.

Engaging a Private Investigator

Once you have some of your own evidence it may be that using a private investigator from Parramatta to follow your spouse will get you the best evidence to confront them about their actions.  A private investigator not only uses spy cameras but knows how to use them in the best way or can advise you on how best to use your spy camera that you have purchased from SpiShop Australia.