Girlfriend Cheating When Partner Out of Town

Girlfriend Cheating When Partner Out of Town

Peter travelled quite frequently for work overseas for weeks at a time. He had a suspicion his partner was getting paid as an escort while he was out of town. She didn’t work and was able to maintain a good standard of living.

Peter called us to follow her around for a week while he was out of town. We organised two agents to follow her every day for 5 days in a row from 8am until midnight.

During the time that we followed her she  was seen meeting up with friends and socialising including going to restaurants, shopping and going to the cinema. On the third day after having dinner with two friends in Chinatown she said goodbye to them and walked a couple blocks away where she met an older man dressed in a suit. They were followed along George Street where the man could be seen trying to hold hands with her. She was seen holding hands briefly before breaking away to avoid any public display of affection. They arrived at a very nice apartment building located in Millers Point where they entered and walked out of view.

Our Agents watched the entry/exit until 2am with no sign of her coming out. We organised a third Agent to be back at the apartment building at 7am. She was seen exiting the front door around 7.30am and getting a taxi back to her home address.

Peter was updated on his return and it was confirmed she was providing high class escort services. She denied any actions as she only admitted to having dinner with friends in Chinatown. Peter was then able to make a decision and move forward.

If your concerned who your partner is with while you are out of town see How We Can Help using surveillance.