Jailbreaking iPhones

Jailbreaking iPhones

What is Jailbreaking?

Quite often we get asked what is jailbreaking. Quite simply it’s unlocking the phone from Apples operating system (iOS).

How do you Jailbreak an iPhone?

To jailbreak an iPhone is very simple and easy and only takes a couple of minutes. You simply;

  • Download our recommended software for free from the internet
  • Save the downloaded file to your computer
  • Connect the phone to your computer
  • Click on the downloaded file and it will run the software, unlocking the iPhone from Apple Itunes in a matter of minutes.

The successful jailbroken iPhone will now have an Application called Cydia visible on the last page of the iPhone.

The jailbreaking process does not change the look of the iPhone or the way it works. You can still use the phone to make phone calls, emailing, buying from the App Store, iTunes and all other functions. It is however a necessary process to install third party software on the phone that are not sold on iTunes.

Note: For instance, Cydia can then be used to install our Mobile Phone Spyware which also makes Cydia invisible at the same time. This makes the Spyware and Cydia completely undetectable.

 What iPhone devices can be jailbroken?

 95% of iPhones can be jailbroken.

Jailbreaking depends upon the particular iOS (internal operating system), not the model of iPhone.

Because phones are basically small computers now they have an operating system just like a computer runs Microsoft Windows. For example windows 10 is the latest operating system for a PC. You can find the iOS on the phone by:

  • Open “Settings” Application
  • Click on “General”
  • Click on “About”
  • Scroll down to “Version”
  • Next to the word “Version” will be a number starting with a 7, 8 or 9. The number dictates which software is used to jailbreak the iPhone.

iPhones that have iOS 9.0.2 and below are generally jailbreakable.

When purchasing our Mobile Phone Monitoring Software we can help you over the phone with the jailbreaking process.

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