Online Dating

Online Dating

Melissa has started online dating and although interested in a particular person she was in doubt as to his credibility. All she had was his full name and phone number. Things didn’t seem right and he could be quite elusive at times.

Melissa contacted our office and asked if we could find out more information about him. With the information provided we were able to establish:

  • where he lived
  • where he worked, and
  • how active he was in the online dating world

Once we had details we sent one of our Agents out to follow him from work to see what he did in his spare time. It turned out he had a family and was lying to Melissa about his marital status.

Melissa ended the relationship based on the information and evidence we provided her. All this occurred within one week of contacting our office.

If you are suspicious of your partners online activity we are able to help using our mobile phone searches.