Sexting and Online Dating

Sexting and Online Dating

Tania was starting to notice her boyfriend was becoming very protective of his phone when around her. He would not let his mobile phone leave his sight. He took it to the bathroom, the shower and it was always in his pocket. He would even put it face down if it was ever out of his hand. He slept with it right next to him every night.

He was not showing any intimacy in the bedroom and was becoming very distant. Whenever Tania confronted him that he may be seeing another woman he would become very aggressive and even accuse her of cheating with another guy. She suspected he was texting another female or was signed up for an online dating website however she couldn’t prove it.

Tania called us for help. She gave us a day that he was not working so we sent one of our Agents to the home address early in the morning to monitor what he got up to during the day. He ended up meeting a lady at Cockle Bay Wharf where they had lunch together. They were observed being very flirty together during the lunch. He was also observed paying for the lunch and on departure the Agent obtained footage of them kissing passionately before going their separate ways.

With the use of phone monitoring software Tania was able to get information to then instruct us to undertake surveillance to confirm her suspicions that her partner was cheating on her.

If you are suspicious about your partners phone habits. Call us now.