Signs your partner is cheating



Identifying a cheating husband or wife is easy if you know what you are looking for.

If the answer is yes to at least two points listed below there is a high chance your partner is cheating and you need the help of a Parramatta Private Investigator.

Suspicious Phone Habits

A cheating partner is extremely protective of their mobile phone and do not let it out of their sight. This includes taking it to the bathroom and even sleeping with it. They tend to put it upside down. They have a security PIN number on their phone so no-one can gain access. If you are able to access your husband or wife’s phone you may notice they have deleted emails, text messages, Facebook/WhatsApp or Viber messages and a cleared phone log history. Alternatively they have suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed. For more information on our phone tracking software please visit our Monitoring Devices page page.

Change of Appearance

A cheating wife or husband starts taking more notice of their appearance. There is a change in style of dress and intimate wear. They pay particular attention to their personal hygiene, including the increased use of perfume. Physical appearance becomes more important and may also join a gym.

Decreased/Increased Intimacy Levels

A partner that is up to no good becomes emotionally distant and shows less affection towards you. An increase or decrease in intimacy and affection levels may also indicate infidelity. They may request or perform out of the ordinary sexual behaviours which they have learnt by being with someone else.

Daily routine changes

The cheating partner is often ‘unavailable’ at work. They may also change their routine by leaving for work earlier than usual or frequently ‘work late’, spending a sudden increase in time away from home. Cheating spouses often attend new functions or ‘conferences’ outside of work and want to go alone. Another significant routine change is showering as soon as they return home to conceal the smell of another person’s perfume.

Suspicious Internet Use

Much like their phone habits, an unfaithful spouse may be overly secretive when it comes to their internet and computer habits. Strong signs are deleting browser history and spending a lot of time on the computer especially once you have gone to bed. Cheating spouses start deleting emails or begin to use new e-mail accounts. For more information on computer monitoring software please visit our Monitoring Devices page.

Communication Excuses

When trying to get in touch with your cheating wife or husband they frequently say their phone has died, there was no reception or they just don’t answer your phone calls at all.

Aggressive Behavior

When the guilty partner is approached about having an affair they can become verbally or physically aggressive. A typical response is to make an accusation that YOU are cheating.

New Social Behaviors

A cheating partner can start new hobbies and interests which are out of the ordinary. They avoid inviting you to social events as there may be new prospective partners there.

Random Unusual Behavior

There are many unusual behaviors such as:

  • They may ask about your schedule frequently
  • Mileage is unusually high despite driving short distances to and from work
  • Unexplained payments and/or amounts of money taken out of bank accounts/credit cards. They may have unexplained receipts in wallet or purse.

If you recognise any of this behaviour then you need our help. Get the answers you need from professional private investigators to make a decision to move forward with your life.

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