Using a Private Investigator to Find Someone

Using a Private Investigator to Find Someone

Using a private investigator to find someone is the most efficient and cost effective method. Private investigators use the skills and know-how that they learn from their industry experience and training gathered over many years. This gives them the skills to locate a person using electronic database searches and online tracking or traditional forms of surveillance using state of the art covert technology.

People often want to track down:

● Family relatives
● Old school friends
● Ex-lovers
● Biological parents

Whatever the reason for finding someone a private investigator will remain confidential about the whole process and any discussions you have with them are governed by the various codes of ethics that they abide by. They have a duty of confidentiality to keep your communications with them private.

If you are looking to find someone with the aid of a private investigator they will need some information about the person such as:

● Name (including former names and middle names)
● Phone numbers
● Email addresses
● Facebook account
● Current and former addresses
● Occupation
● Friends or relatives details
● Car make and model

The more information you provide to the private investigator the better and the greater the chance of a successful outcome. The private investigator can locate where they are living, where they are working, and perhaps their current phone numbers.

You can waste a lot of time trying to track someone down if you don’t have the right skills. This type of skill takes a long time to develop and that is why Parramatta Private Investigations are leaders in their field.

Listen here to one of our successful cases where we located the father or a girl which was broadcast with her permission on a popular Sydney radio station.